User Review: ARSUK Crosman Dart Board Bbgun Sticking Target 12 Inches – Airsoft Sticky Target – ARSUK Crosman Dart Board Bbgun Sticking Target 12 Inches – Airsoft Sticky Target

ARSUK Crosman Dart Board Bbgun Sticking Target 12 Inches – Airsoft Sticky Target

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I really like this target and it works great with .12g bbs they stick nicely and very slowly move down off the target ( over a period of 1-2 minutes) but I prefer shooting .2g bbs and while they stick to the target, they move down at a rate of 1″/ second.
A bit too fast to accurately judge your score, or where you hit the target. I would not have thought .08g would make a difference, but apparently it does!
Still, a really nice target.
I love this target, I use it almost exclusively these days. I target shoot indoors and I hate having to clean up BBs everywhere, this target mostly solves that issue.
For positives, this target is a nice size.
While I know how to shoot, not all Airsoft guns are created equal and sometimes when youre not used to a guns quirks and know which way you need to adjust the aim, you need some “wiggle room.” I have some pistols that are so inaccurate that they hit the frame when I aimed dead center on a 6 inch target from about 10 feet.
This target being 12 inches ensures that doesnt happen. The target is really sturdy. Ive fired hundreds of rounds into it from a range of 10 to 15 feet and it has yet to fail.
The center is showing definite signs of wear, but no indication that it will fail anytime soon. The BBs stick nicely to it, a little too nicely. (see negatives) Ive fired .12g, .20g and .25g BBs at this with no adhesion issues.
The tray at the bottom is nice and big and it offers a solid and heavy base for the target. It also holds a lot of BBs for disposal. For negatives, there are a few that keep it from being 5 stars.
Firstly, the BBs hit and stick. Sounds good, but theyre supposed to slide down the target and seldom do. The instructions say to clean it and I have and it still does this and always has.
If youre a consistent enough shot, you will hit BBs that are stuck to it. I do this frequently, resulting in ricochets and sometimes shattered BBs, which are a pain to clean off the target.
Occasionally, with a higher power gun, the BBs will even bounce off of the gel, which is bad. This happens infrequently, though. Bottom line, its good.
Not without flaws, but it gets the job done.
Its so much fun playing cricket with airsoft guns!!! I must shot this target hundreds of times and it still holds the plastic BBs in place.
The tray leaves a little to be desired, theres always a few BBs that get stuck in the legs, the only way to get them loose is to violently shake the target, not a big deal because I simply filled them with silly tacky.
Yet, even when emptying the tray BBs seem to get away and when they do, they go everywhere. Hahaha I think they should of had added a trap door to the tray for emptying the BBs, other than that the price is more than fair and the shipping was fast.
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ARSUK Crosman Dart Board Bbgun Sticking Target 12 Inches – Airsoft Sticky Target

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