User Review Burris Signature Zee Rings Medium, 1", Weaver Style, Matte Black – 420521 – Burris Signature Zee Rings Medium, 1″, Weaver Style, Matte Black – 420521

Burris Signature Zee Rings Medium, 1″, Weaver Style, Matte Black – 420521

Airsoft Gun Scope Mounts – today we have a brief review of the utg scope mount for airsoft ak variants.
ın this video we will try to help you guide on how to mount scope on air rifle its easy to use . wholesale ppt bubble level airsoft guns rifle scope mount for 11mm picatinny weaver rail 25/30mm. utg airsoft ak47 scope mount review.

5 tips on how to setup scope and airsoft rifle for more accuracy.

ppt bubble level airsoft guns rifle scope mount for 11mm picatinny weaver rail 25/30mm rifle sight scope mount cb-1 gs33-0104 .

Very nice set of scope rings. They mounted easily on the Weaver bases on my Savage 11 bolt gun. The polymer inserts worked well to grip the scope and compensate for the differences in alignment of the bases.
I ordered a set of the Posalign inserts and was able to boresight the scope at 50 yards and make adjustments for 20 deg. MOA error without having the adjust the turrets on the scope.
The only downside to this product is that the Posalign inserts do not come with the rings (a set of 0 degree inserts do come with the scope but these wont provide the rough MOA adjustments like the Posalign inserts).
I would recommend this product to someone looking to upgrade their scope rings.
Mounted these rings on a stock Marlin XS7 with zero problems. The nylon inserts really protect your scope and are supposed to give you more gripping power.
I have no evidence to prove this, but I tend to believe them. Better than spending all the time and money on an expensive lapping kit. Some people complain that the cross base screws have flat heads.
I dont have a problem with them. As long as youre careful when mounting and make sure you use a flat head thick enough to take up most the space in the head then itll be fine.
Torque your Torx ring screws to 20 INCH lbs and the cross base screws to 32 INCH lbs. Dont forget to put some blue Loctite on the base screws and push the rings all the way forward in your bases slots before tightening to keep them from moving when firing.
These rings are awesome. I bought a Savage 16 XP Trophy Hunter in .308 caliber and Nikon Scope a couple of months ago. The gun shot great, but the scope rings just would not stay tight.
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