User Review CVLIFE 4×32 Tactical Rifle Scope Red & Green &Blue Illuminated Reticle Scope wi…

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CVLIFE 4×32 Tactical Rifle Scope Red & Green &Blue Illuminated Reticle Scope with Fiber Optic Sight

telescope – the tower 12 backstay cables that connect the top of tower 12 to the ground cause damage behind tower 12 well away from the edge of the telescope dish.

sitting in a telescope.

a sight of from a telescope.

despite being fairly affordable the telescope is almost as powerful as a pro-grade model.

Works and looks great
Liked very much!
Haven’t used it yet but seems pretty good for the price.
Excellent for the price, great quality, fits and looks good in my AR
This is only used on my Airsoft M4 but it has a really good, heavy duty weight to it. The light is lit by a battery so its nice and bright even in the sun.
Warning for those looking to use this with a PEQ15 laser on the front like i did, it feels like its just a little lower than a typical ACOG so you get some distorsion on the bottom.
Ive ordered a 0.5″ Picatinny Rail Riser to overcome this, it has not yet arrived but Im confident itll do the trick. Plus since this is for Airsoft, having a bit higher profile will function better.
The iron sights are a bit impractical to me as you cant really focus well on them like you can with a pistol that you typically hold with out stretched arms.
Overall, seems like a worthy purchase!Note: I do not have to worry about holding a zero, so I cannot attest to how well it would do!
So, I just received my scope in today and from what I can tell it looks pretty awesome it is a decent weight Crystal Clear images, and the lights function perfectly on it.
I have not had a chance to sign it and to see if it jumps around with my AR15 but once I do I will let you know. But as of now I love it.
****** okay everybody I just shot it today which is the 10th of June and it actually does pretty well, but they still have their sights reversed so when you adjust your sights you have to go the opposite of what they say to adjust the scope the scope seems a handle well I dont know if it was me or the scope that was moving but it would shoot to the right of the bullseye at 68 yards.
Now I did hit the bullseye a couple of times but everything else was consistently to the right so it could be me moving the gun or could have been the scope.
But overall the scope does still shoot Center Mass for 68 to 70 yards.
The scope is great! Couldn’t believe how far and clear I can go out. Shipping, assembly were easy no complaints. Overall, I made the right choice and would buy again.
I bought this item to use in my airsoft gun, the game has a more real feature
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