User Review Double Eagle 350 FPS M401 Pump Action Spring Powered Airsoft Shotgun w/ 6mm BBS

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Double Eagle 350 FPS M401 Pump Action Spring Powered Airsoft Shotgun w/ 6mm BBS

Airsoft Equipment – our airsoft equipment: from head to toe. wenn ihr das erste mal auf einem airsoft anfänger spieltag wart und es hat euch gefallen und ihr wisst dass ihr weiter airsoft spielen wollte dann könnt ihr anfangen euer airsoft equipment zusammenzustellen…

This is a must have. Easy to use and load. It comes with a speed loader (I didn’t know what that rod and tube was for at first…). No gas to run out and no batteries. Heck I want another one.
Great gun, my son got shotgun the knuckle by his brother from 2 feet away and it made him BLEED. Very powerful, and very easy to use.
This was bought for my grandson to use along with other BB guns he has. It is very sturdy and fun to use. He liked that u have to pump it to shoot as his guns are semi automatic and full automatic.
It seems to shoot a little high but that could just be him and not the gun itself. Very happy with purchase.
When I first opened it, I expected it to be all plasticy and cheap feeling. It’s actually got some weight to it. A mix of metal and plastic.
PROS: Affordable, You can use single shot or multi shot, (depending on how many times you pump it), easy and quick to reload, and comes with a speed loader with pushing pipe as well as a cleaning rod.
I’m not sure why an air gun needs a cleaning rod but whatever. It also NEVER JAMS. Shot it over 200 times now and not a jam in sight. CONS: mag is too small.
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