User Review: Elite Force Fuel Green Gas for Airsoft Guns (Pack of 2) – Elite Force Fuel Green Gas for Airsoft Guns (Pack of 2)

Elite Force Fuel Green Gas for Airsoft Guns (Pack of 2)

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What can you say about a couple of cans of green gas? It just works! You got a gas powered gun? Or a gas powered blowback gun? Green gas is the way to go!
Best product on the market for shooting these guns. Works as advertised and as intended. Are their “cheaper” ways to go? Sure! But the guns that use this type of gas to operate do not tolerate the “cheaper” ways for too long.
The Green Gas has lubricants in it that protect the seals and O-Rings that permeate these types of guns. Using the “cheaper” methods to charge them will prematurely age those seals and O-Rings and make the gun go “click” instead of “bang”!
Substitute at your discretion!
Great product. Each canister is 8oz. Nozzle seats flush with valve and, as long as youre holding can straight, creates a very tight seal with no escaping gas.
Both canisters came packaged in 2 bubble wrapped envelopes(one inside the other) and a day earlier than expected. Very satisfied customer. Will definitely be ordering this product again from this seller.
Bought for my son and he said it works perfectly.
Elite Force green gas from Umarex works well in my Glock 19X airsoft gun. It has been very reliable.
Great product/ very well priced. Extremely fast shipping. Well protected shipping container.
Good product. But the packing was kinda crap. Just thrown in a box the caps where off and i dont know if they are full. But good gas.
A great buy for your gbb’s
Decent just be carful when outside temp is below 60 degrees
No complaints here it works well with my gbb pistol. I’m 100% satisfied with this purchase.
This green gas company designed my gbb pistol and I wanted to get the company’s green gas and to my amazement is works amazingly well with my gbb pistol and it’s the only company I’m going to use for my green gas.
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Elite Force Fuel Green Gas for Airsoft Guns (Pack of 2)

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