User Review: Evike Airsoft – Tactical Airsoft Barrel Cover w/Bungee Cord – Remove Before Pew – Evike Airsoft – Tactical Airsoft Barrel Cover w/Bungee Cord – Remove Before Pew

Evike Airsoft – Tactical Airsoft Barrel Cover w/Bungee Cord – Remove Before Pew

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Although the first one broke quickly, it was replaced and the second one works very well. The first one looks like just a fluke. Would certainly buy again. Great customer service.
This product is a barrel cover for airsoft rifles which some fields require to be on when taking guns off the field for the safety of the players, staff, and other people standing by.
The Remove Before Pew barrel cover works as it describes. At the end of the cover there is some durable material that stops bbs from penetrating through in case of accidental misfires off the field.
Pros: Works as intended Nice colors to choose from Multiple sizes for different types of barrels. Cons: I have an ICS g33 and the cover is to long to work properly due to the way the barrel/flash hider is designed it would not fit properly.
I just ended up cutting it down to fit over my flash hider and used hot glue to reattach the straps. Works great still no issues for me.
I would recommend this product for its quality materials and cheap price point if you need a barrel cover required by the fields you play at.
I wanted a muzzle cover to keep dust and dirt out of my PCP rifle but most muzzle covers I found were ugly rubber boots which had poor reviews about fitment.
Then I saw this cover from Evike and I HAD to get it. As an Air Force veteran, I think the “Remove Before Pew” is hilarious. And its functional too!
The cover is made of thick cloth, not like soft cotton, and has a stiff muzzle end to help with some protection as well.
Affordable, sometimes essential if your field requires it. This Evike version has a long drawstring so you can even use it on your sniper rifle with a long barrel. Just buy it. Even if you don’t need it. It’s just good for safety.
Exactly the product I ordered. Pleased to see it came from not some of brand site.
Less expensive than buying at a paintball/airsoft field. The bright orange makes it much easier to find than the more common black and grey ones. Its made of a rugged fabric you cant shoot through.
The elastic holds it just fine on pretty much any part of the gun it will reach.
Mandatory for the field I go to. It does the job.
Works well and meets the field requirement. I did test it out and the end will block BBs but if you have it on there crooked it will penetrate through the side (see picture). But, if you use it as intended there will be no problems
If you have a big mock suppressor then this is not for you. It’s good overall just small.
I bought this to put on an AR 300 blackout to keep my calibers apart. Now I have them on a few different guns that I have on display. So, worked for me.
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Evike Airsoft – Tactical Airsoft Barrel Cover w/Bungee Cord – Remove Before Pew

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