User Review Gamo Cone Pellet Trap

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Gamo Cone Pellet Trap

Airsoft Equipment – our airsoft equipment: from head to toe. wenn ihr das erste mal auf einem airsoft anfänger spieltag wart und es hat euch gefallen und ihr wisst dass ihr weiter airsoft spielen wollte dann könnt ihr anfangen euer airsoft equipment zusammenzustellen…

I like the Gamo Cone Pellet Trap! I use it at about 30 feet with a crossman air pistol. It works well for me at that distance and I am very happy with it.
Input after a year of use: There is a pellet deflector inside this unit, behind the target in the square tube, that is set at 45 degrees to deflect the pellets downward into the “trap”.
The force of the .22 cal pellets, fired from 30 feet, has hammered this piece of metal back against the back of the square tube so that it no longer has the manufactured angle of 45degrees.
The damage showed after about 200 rounds I have now put 500 rounds into it. I am still using the trap but 30 feet may be too close for use with the Crossman .22 cal pistol.
This little target and trap works just fine, and I use it in the house when I want to plink on rainy days. There is a warning about shooting BBs with it, explaining that the BBs will ricochet back through the paper target and hit the shooter.
Ive fired thousands of BBs into it and never had that happen… not that it couldnt…
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