User Review: GZ XINXING 100% Full Refund Assurance Tactical Airsoft Paintball Vest – GZ XINXING 100% Full Refund Assurance Tactical Airsoft Paintball Vest

GZ XINXING 100% Full Refund Assurance Tactical Airsoft Paintball Vest

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I’m 6’2” 193lbs and this fit me perfect with a lot of the straps tightened pretty far. So I think it’s not lying when it says it goes up to 4xl.
I took the pistol holster off mine for now since I don’t have a pistol yet. Comes right off with a clip and Velcro. Lots of pockets and mag slots and Velcro.
I can fit 8 Valken Mid-Cap mags in this vest. Tight fit but it fits plenty of mags. Also good chest/back armor. I played today and my chest/back is totally free of welts/bruises.
Arms and legs not so lucky. Really not a bad vest for the price to start out with. I met a guy at the indoor facility that had the same one and he said he’s had his for years.
So it probably holds up well
I love this vest very much and its super comfy and durable. It has so many pockets you can put so much in and on it as long as you can carry the weight!
The ONLY thing is that you cant adjust it very much to fit you but im only saying that because i still need to grow a little bit more. Some mag pockets you can even take off due to the velcro which is cool if you ever wanna put patches on it!
Its amazing and is totally worth it!
Was looking for a specific CP camo, and this was exactly what I wanted. It feels well made, and has good stitching (that I can see). Plenty of pockets for accessories/magazines.As others have mentioned, the one downside is the sidearm pouch – its too small.
I was able to squeeze a Springfield XDM replica in it, but it takes a bit of a tug to take out. Not ideal if you need to draw and aim within a a couple seconds.The other downside, is that the zipper is on the left of the vest, and not on the right.
It feels awkward zipping up with my left hand, instead of my right. If your a lefty, then this would be ideal for you. Not a huge issue though.Beyond that, I havent tested it in the field yet.
But overall, Im happy with the purchase
The product was a nice fit, but there was a deffect in the gun holster. No gun can fit because the stitch is too high, which made the gun holster very narrow to even fit any gun.
Right now I like everything about it. Had to do some adjustments. But after that works for me. Thanks
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GZ XINXING 100% Full Refund Assurance Tactical Airsoft Paintball Vest

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