User Review HIVIZ GPLW01 Ruger GP100 Interchangeable LITEWAVE Front Handgun Sight Green, Re…

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HIVIZ GPLW01 Ruger GP100 Interchangeable LITEWAVE Front Handgun Sight Green, Red, White, One Size

Airsoft – here are all the airsoft guns ı have shown on my youtube channel from the most recent videos to the oldest ones.
ın the event of a headshot the scope overlay in this video has been moved away from target in an effort to avoid upsetting the delicate feelings of airsoft justice warriors around the world but in the unlikely event that any airsoft justice warriors do find reason to be so offended by people enjoying themselves with toy pew pews they they are triggered (reeeeee) and have to leave social justice threats in the comments section of this video their comments will be hidden from the channel. bıggest faıls & wıns of aırsoft 2020.
part 2 of the airsoft of dreams 2-part series – from george air force base in victorville california. big thanks to swamp sniper for the help with the airsoft battle videos.

If you have a GP100 with removal front sight, you need the HIVIZ. I finally got around to replacing the stock front sight of my 327 mag GP100. For these old eyes it made a world of difference.
very reasonably priced and come with not only the green fiber optics tube but also a red and white fiber tube. I experimented with them all and decided the green was the way to go.
I am not sure it improved my accuracy, but it sure made it 100x easier to line up the target.
Makes a huge difference when getting back on target after a shot…much easier to see than the little white dot of paint on the original front sight. Installs easily in about 5 minutes. (Installed on a Ruger GP100 w/6″ barrel)
This is a very easy sight to install… The sight itself is pretty good! It provides one with the ability to better see the front sight! I allows someone to get onto target rather quickly.
I also like that there were 3 different optic choices provided in the set with a tool to help remove the fiber optic! My only thing about this sight is that it may be a tad different in height than my factory sight.
I am shooting groups that are higher than the hold of the factory Ruger sights. The factory sights are a little taller (by very small amounts) according to my calipers.
This is just enough to change the hold. I would adjust the rear sight accordingly, but I am out of adjustment in the down position to bring the point of impact downwards.
Other than the change in hold, which I can get used to, the sight is easy to install. I bought two of these – one for my 6″ and one for my 4″ barrel GP100s.
Love shooting this old 357 again. If youre using reading glasses or more, this thing really makes that front sight pop again. Sight alignment, sight picture and this makes it that much easier.
Rough wear? No problem. The sight has small metal wraparounds to protect the fiber optic and is quite rugged compared to the sights on a single six or some semiauto pistols.
Hasnt let me down at all.
Excellent sight! Worth every penny. shoots to same point of aim as factory sight, but much quicker to pick up in bright daylight or low light.
I have a 6″ Ruger GP100 and this front sight is outstanding. I had a red fiber optic sight installed when I bought the revolver but it seemed to wash out in low light.
The green insert in reality is probably exactly the same size but I have the perception that its much larger. Its much easier to pick up and quickly focus on than the red fiber optic was.
Its worth mentioning that the sight does come with its own red and white inserts but I didnt try those.
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HIVIZ GPLW01 Ruger GP100 Interchangeable LITEWAVE Front Handgun Sight Green, Red, White, One Size

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