User Review HK Heckler & Koch MP7 GBB Automatic 6mm BB Rifle Airsoft Gun, Black

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HK Heckler & Koch MP7 GBB Automatic 6mm BB Rifle Airsoft Gun, Black

Airsoft – here are all the airsoft guns ı have shown on my youtube channel from the most recent videos to the oldest ones.
ın the event of a headshot the scope overlay in this video has been moved away from target in an effort to avoid upsetting the delicate feelings of airsoft justice warriors around the world but in the unlikely event that any airsoft justice warriors do find reason to be so offended by people enjoying themselves with toy pew pews they they are triggered (reeeeee) and have to leave social justice threats in the comments section of this video their comments will be hidden from the channel. bıggest faıls & wıns of aırsoft 2020.
part 2 of the airsoft of dreams 2-part series – from george air force base in victorville california. big thanks to swamp sniper for the help with the airsoft battle videos.

This gun is very high quality, very accurate, and very high fps. Buy extra magazines because you will be using it alot. All metal and high quality plastic construction, flip up sights, extendable stock, folding front stock. Its just a great gun.
When i saw no compromise i was so excited, it works great, sounds just awesome and i love how loud it is, great accuracy
I think this is the best smg you could buy. Its compact and has many rails for all your accessories. The gun is very sturdy and durable and weighs 5 pounds.
The details are spot on to the real thing. Its rate of fire is 950-1000 rpm and with the fps of 430-440 with .20g this is a beast. It makes people scream to the top of their lungs when they get shot on full auto.
I dont even think you can shoot this on full auto in some woodland fields. Lucky for me the field I go to doesnt care. It is very gas efficient i can go through two mags on full auto on one gas fill.
Ive tested it and the range on this gun is farther than most aeg rifles. The hop up is very good so u can put heavier bbs and still get the same range.
It is also very accurate for such a small gun. So if you want a compact smg that can out perform most aeg rifles this is the gun for you.
The only thing i didnt like was the mag leaks a little and the rubber washer on the bottom wear you put the gas falls out and if you loose it your screwed.
Other than that the gun has no problems.
This gun shoots like a charm. Looks and feels like the real thing. It is our first gas gun. Couple of items of note. It says it shoots at 415 feet per second.
I believe it. I havent chrono the gun but after watching my son shoot it, I wouldnt want to be on the other side of those bbs. It goes without saying, but make sure everyone playing is wearing the proper safety gear.
This airsoft gun is no joke. I would definitely purchase another gas clip. You shoot 40 bbs extremely fast and need to have backup ammo.
To start off , I usually don’t take the time out of my day to write a review, but this gun is worth one ! To any Airsoft enthusiast or gun lover , this is one to add to your collection!!
This thing is a beast right out of the box ! I can’t stop picking it up and looking at it lol !
I recommend this gun to anyone thinking about getting into Airsoft or just to have as a replica of the real MP7 or just to shoot and have fun with , it will put a smile on your face every time!
It’s a very solid gun that is a blast to shoot , plus it’s a KWA ! It has been on the market for long time so there are plenty of parts for this gun if ever needed plus solid upgrades for it .
Also I forgot to mention that she has a lot of detail with HK markings all over her with awesome steel sights that function very well and the gun is very accurate.
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HK Heckler & Koch MP7 GBB Automatic 6mm BB Rifle Airsoft Gun, Black

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