User Review: MetalTac Airsoft Cross Draw Tactical Vest with 9 Pockets and Pistol Holster – MetalTac Airsoft Cross Draw Tactical Vest with 9 Pockets and Pistol Holster

MetalTac Airsoft Cross Draw Tactical Vest with 9 Pockets and Pistol Holster

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Very nice quality vest, especially for the price! It is pretty big though. Reading some reviews, I thought it might fit my 7 1/2 year old, very tall 66 lb.
son. But he SWIMS in it! It will fit him all the way through his teen years, Im sure. It is not small enough for children. It could probably fit a small adult male perfectly.
It does have adjustable straps. Size aside, this thing is awesome! Tons of ammo pockets and just general pockets all over it. My son doesnt care that its HUGE on him, he wears it anyway for Nerf and Airsoft play.
He LOVES it! Nice quality buckles and straps. Great value!
Just got this vest today and it’s better than I expected 100% better than I could imagine… The quality is amazing for $16.00 I would recommend this vest over all those $50 and more vest…and yes it does come with the utility belt
Let me first start by saying that Im a large man, about 60″ around the chest and back (not including shoulders obviously). About 45″ around stomach (at belly button).
With a 38″ waist. This product seems very well constructed with very sturdy material (i dont know how this was only $16). This product seems of even higher quality than some like products that i had had military issued while enlisted.
So far as size goes well work from top to bottom. It has velcro straps on shoulders to adjust for torso height.
It also has 3 straps either side from underarm to belt, with my size i have top two straps either side maxed with the third having close to 2″ extra strap.
Im thinking the belt can go up to 50″ around surprisingly, cause at what i have it set at i have 6″ extra strap on both sides.
This product also has MANY pistal magazine holders along with the left torso right hand cross draw holster, which can be double strapped for security, while…


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