User Review: MetalTac Airsoft Speed Loader 100 Round Fast Load 6mm BB Pellet – Two Pack – MetalTac Airsoft Speed Loader 100 Round Fast Load 6mm BB Pellet – Two Pack

MetalTac Airsoft Speed Loader 100 Round Fast Load 6mm BB Pellet – Two Pack

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Pellet rapid loader, will update if it doesn’t work well
This is a gift so some of this I can’t rate. Appears to be fine and it arrived exactly when I was told it would.
Excellent to refill bb magazines
Arrived safe and sound. Works great.
For the money it’s worth it
Looking at the pictures of this product and even holding it in your hands when purchased, it feels a bit flimsy. Well, it is plastic after all. But the main thing here is does it work?
Any kid using a spring loaded air soft gun knows how frustrating putting 15 bbs into those little clips are while trying not to have it slip and shoot out your bbs.
These loafers DO work and they make it at least 10x easier for your kids to load their guns. They fill the loader with bbs-which is simply pouring and much easier than how a non-hopper style (Ie Clip style) fun is loaded.
Then they put the narrow end into the clip and push down several of times on the little plunger. The clip will fill up and they’re ready to go. If you buy your kids any spring loaded air soft gun to play around with- this is a MUST.
It keeps them from stopping every two minutes for 4 minutes to load their clips. These are small enough to go into a pocket and hold a large quantity of bbs, enough for several reloads as they are hiding from siblings behind that tree.
Listen, the cheap handguns, even with their poor accuracy can be a lot of fun- but this product is a must for that. Time spent reloading is the worst and this will save them that time and help with the motor skill required to reload.
To that end, this product is absolutely worth it.
Received both yesterday they come individual packaged and each had a wide rectangle mouth adapter included. Each holds 100, 6mm BB’s! I bought these because in the description theyve pictured what looks like the narrow cone shaped adapters I need.
I’m trying to avoid the big square ones. SUPRISE! they’re the really big rectangle versions and you just cannot tell from the side. The loaders both work well ,one a bit better than the other in terms of jamming and not spitting smooth.
The other works really well with loud clicking and smooth action.
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MetalTac Airsoft Speed Loader 100 Round Fast Load 6mm BB Pellet – Two Pack

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