User Review OZARK ARMAMENT HK Style Flip Up Backup Sights Picatinny Mount BUIS – OZARK ARMAMENT HK Style Flip Up Backup Sights Picatinny Mount BUIS

OZARK ARMAMENT HK Style Flip Up Backup Sights Picatinny Mount BUIS

Airsoft Gun Scope Mounts – today we have a brief review of the utg scope mount for airsoft ak variants.
ın this video we will try to help you guide on how to mount scope on air rifle its easy to use . wholesale ppt bubble level airsoft guns rifle scope mount for 11mm picatinny weaver rail 25/30mm. utg airsoft ak47 scope mount review.

5 tips on how to setup scope and airsoft rifle for more accuracy.

ppt bubble level airsoft guns rifle scope mount for 11mm picatinny weaver rail 25/30mm rifle sight scope mount cb-1 gs33-0104 .

Works as expected. No issues with quality. Zeroed at 25 yards, stays zeroed. Im not gentle to my equipment, and this thing has handled getting banged around climbing in and out of vehicles, up and down from prone, multiple rounds down range, mud, dirt, etc.
Not bad for 24 bucks. You can always go for the much more expensive Troy versions, but Im pleasantly surprised at how robust this product is. Will order again if necessary, but until I build a new rifle, I doubt Ill have to.
This thing shows no signs of breaking anytime soon.
A friend and I bought these at the same time. Mine worked perfectly. My friends front sight mechanism broke and will no longer fold down after a moderate shooting session at the range. Aside from that my only complaint is that they are heavy.
The sights arrived as promised. Good price. Easy to install. I would have preferred if they “popped up” by depressing button instead of having to pull them up but for the price I can live with it.
They seem to fit well and appear sturdy although I have not taken to the range yet to see how they hold up under recoil. I will post update after using live.
I am completely happy with these sites for my AR rifle. I have a laser sight that is spot on but wanted fixed sights to use if battery fails. I love that sites can be flipped down and can be used with my lazer site fixed to my AR.
After adjusting rear site after a few rounds, sites were just as accurate from 25 to 50 yards. Sites remained fixed and did not move after 200 rounds.
If you are building an AR or adding to an existing rifle you can’t go wrong with these sites. They are well made and are a great price. These sites were the last piece of the puzzle for my now complete and Bad Ass AR!
Sights were a perfect addition to my AR platform, optic sights are great, but only when the batteries work… so its good to have a backup plan…. make sure you zero the sights before having to use.
The low profile of the sights does not interfere with the optics when in use. Front sight post is easy to adjust with the tip of your round, simple windage adjustment at the rear.
Price point was very good, especially as some of the accessories you can get for the AR platform can be rather pricey.
These fellas may say small back up sights, but trust me, they are the absolute best for the price on Amazon, and Im a former SWCC now i either run heavy equipment or I reclaim, renew, replace, as well as re blue or brown any barrel and interior parts,.
I know my weaponry, my accessories, great service from even better people, so thank u Mr Bobby and Matt for everything
No. These are not Troy iron sights. However, for what they cost, they are a good value and will fit most peoples needs. Interestingly, their operation is not intuitive.
You just push them up to lock into position, but you have to push the button the let them down. Somehow, it feels like it should be the opposite.
I just received them for a current build I am working on. They are not the highest quality parts but priced at sub $20 they are not that bad of a deal but they are far from perfect.
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