User Review: SINAIRSOFT US Army Uniform Shirt Pants with Knee Pads Tactical Combat Airsoft Hunt… – SINAIRSOFT US Army Uniform Shirt Pants with Knee Pads Tactical Combat Airsoft Hunting Apparel Camo BDU

SINAIRSOFT US Army Uniform Shirt Pants with Knee Pads Tactical Combat Airsoft Hunting Apparel Camo BDU

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Good material and well made. The knee and elbo pads are removable, and have a good quality foam backing. Order big. I’m 5’10” and 175 lbs, slim build, ordered an XL and fits perfectly. PAY ATTENTION TO SIZE CHART.
Typical Chinese quality. Not well-made, but not poorly made, either. I purchased this for a Halloween costume and it worked for that. I would not, however, recommend for field use. Pay attention to the sizing guidelines and you’ll be okay.
Im 60″ and 150 lbs. Purchased the medium size, which was perfect WITH modifications. I was previously unaware that the shirt and pants could be purchased separately in case you needed a smaller size in pants, for example.
For a happy compromise, I went with medium even though I have a 30-inch waist. The shirt is perfect, maybe a tad bit short on sleeves, but I have longer arms than most for my height since Im a swimmer.
To make the 34-inch waist pants fit, I folded the back over itself and hand-sewed it together (Pictured in #1) they now work perfectly and the back of my pants dont look terrible either.
Besides the waist modification, I was not super impressed with the overall sewing quality of this outfit. Its made in China, which makes sense considering people are probably sewing hundred of these BDUs each day.
But even then, there are a lot of loose ends that make the job look sloppy. Luckily, this is a Multicam BDU and not a fancy blazer, so it really doesnt make a difference unless someone is trying to look for flaws.
(Pictures #2-4) On the same note, upon further inspection, I found a faint blue marker outline still on the pants which, again, contributes to my claim regarding the quality of the BDU (Picture #5) Other than making the waist tighter, I also had to sew the velcro and secure it.
After many wears of these pants, I dont think the manufactures seam will be able to hold the velcro in place over time. Rather than have it fall apart later, I decided to reinforce it now.
(Picture #6) My last and final piece of criticism would have to be the velcro tighteners on the end of the arm sleeves. Structurally, there is nothing wrong with them, however, they are backward.
They still work fine, but you have to wrap them around your wrist in an awkward fashion. It would be much easier if they flipped them around so you could secure them the opposite way.
Hard to explain, but regardless, they still work. (Picture #7) Even with all of this said, I give this BDU 4 stars. If you are getting into airsoft, this is by far the best deal out there.
Rather than paying $150+ for a BDU set, you save the money that you could otherwise spend on other gear or guns. This is by no means comparable to a solid 5.11 BDU Set, but for airsoft or a costume, this is the best option.
They feel great, they are comfortable, and they look awesome. Considering Im a solid amateur sewer, I would buy another BDU from here again in another print and fix it up to meet my b…


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