User Review: War Inc KG-9 Spring Airsoft SMG – Clear Smoke – War Inc KG-9 Spring Airsoft SMG – Clear Smoke

War Inc KG-9 Spring Airsoft SMG – Clear Smoke

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4 of 5 stars, because I “like it” and I do. The one complaint I do have is the plastic BB backward spiral, which increases distances, also creates an upward draft of the plastic BB.
You need to aim about 1 ft. lower on the target. None-the-less, you get what you pay for and in this instance what you get is a lot of fun for a good price for a starting airsoft gun.
a solid unit if you do not need long range or rapid fire. Plenty of spring power. ouch.
This airsoft gun surprised us. It is fairly accurate and shoots a good distance. It is small and compact. It is simple to load and use. We have been using it for the past several weeks without any problems.
Its inexpensive and we are completely happy with the purchase. We dont play professional airsoft, just around the yard and it works great.
This is a really cool gun and I like how it shoots. Its a pump action spring gun. Comes with 50 bbs probably more or less as testing ammo. It does shoot very accurate.
Now the one thing I did not really like about this gun was the magazine or known as the clip. I love that it holds ammo but I just dont like how strong the spring is because it launches the bbs out.
One thing I also dislike is when your firing and you feel like it has run out of ammo and you take the clip out and some of the bbs in the clip fall out?
Well anyways this was my review but its an overall good gun. Really do recommend it.
awesome but hard to reload mag
I got 4 of these for an airsoft kit for our church youth group. They all shoot accurately, strong, and feel well built. I dont feel like im gonna break it just by pumping it.
They look really cool too! Only design problem is that you run out of spring tension in the magazine before youve used up the whole load. It stops shooting with 3 bbs left in the magazine!
I found its an easy fix, you just turn the gun more or less upside down when you pump it, and you can get those last 3 shots. Otherwise, when you drop the mag out to refill it, those 3 shots just fall to the ground.
Overall, and FANTASTIC gun for the money. I will probably be getting more.
Great plastic BB pistol and fairly accurate. I wanted something to scare the “bully” birds off my bird feeder that wouldn’t hurt them. It shoots accurate enough to hit the feeder and miss the birds. Does what I want.
Love this gun. Shoots super accurate. Loads quickly and holds up to 200 bb’s. For under $20. If your thinking of getting this . DO IT
Ive had this gun for a few months. Works excellent!! Shoots straighter and farther than I expected to. I am going to order a couple more of these for sure.
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War Inc KG-9 Spring Airsoft SMG – Clear Smoke

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