User Review WEAVER Quad Lock 1-Inch Extra High Detachable Rings (Matte Black) – WEAVER Quad Lock 1-Inch Extra High Detachable Rings (Matte Black)

WEAVER Quad Lock 1-Inch Extra High Detachable Rings (Matte Black)

Airsoft Gun Scope Mounts – today we have a brief review of the utg scope mount for airsoft ak variants.
ın this video we will try to help you guide on how to mount scope on air rifle its easy to use . wholesale ppt bubble level airsoft guns rifle scope mount for 11mm picatinny weaver rail 25/30mm. utg airsoft ak47 scope mount review.

5 tips on how to setup scope and airsoft rifle for more accuracy.

ppt bubble level airsoft guns rifle scope mount for 11mm picatinny weaver rail 25/30mm rifle sight scope mount cb-1 gs33-0104 .

Good price for a good product. Holds the scope solidly. I haven’t shot anything larger than .30-06 but is kept its zero through several hundred rounds.
Im a big believer in Weaver Quad Locks. Got these n bases for a friends Rem Model 7 with a Simmons Whitetail Class is. Overly too big n heavy for a Model 7 but now no more scope creep and missed shots from wandering zero due to scope creep.
weaver quad lock rings always love them, if im not using a Game Reaper one piece scope mountand rings system I will only use these rings
Works well with the Warne 2 piece mount that I also purchased. Rings hold tight and seem like they will last a long time. Screws were a little hard to start during the mounting and some needed more force than others to tighten down.
I probably should have cleaned the threads in the base before starting and that may have solved it. Overall, works as advertised and I am happy.
A good solid product. I try to keep a set in medium, high and extra high on hand to cover possibilities. Haven’t had any problems ever. I like the separate bands and screws.
I’ve been using Weaver’s quad lock rings for over 15 years and have found them to be a great value for a quality budget ring.
I would suggest lapping these rings but they hold the scope very tight on my muzzleloader and are a great quality ring for the price.
These rings are very sturdy, and with four screws per ring it is much easier to mount your scope, keeping the reticle aligned. I have these rings on numerous rifles from .17 Mach 2 through .30-06, and I’ve never had a problem.
There are a lot of similarly designed scope rings on the market, but Weavers are just a cut above, and its attention to detail that makes the difference.
Weaver designed the “Weaver mount” so its not surprising they get the details right. One of those details is the use ow two separate upper ring segments on each ring, rather than the single piece with four screws seen on other mounts.
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