WLS 371 – Not young, just Asian


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Gear Chat (68 min)

Shawn – Airsoft (77 min)
Aaron – KopfjΓ€ger K700 AMT Tripod with Reaper Rail (100 min)
Nick –
Jerambe –
Savage1r – Textron squad weapons – 6.8 case-telescoped ammunition (72 min)
Guest – Gun crypto (85 min)


Getting suggestions for after boog wear (120 min)
Going Ballistic with Savage1r (130 min)

First day of confirmation hearings of Amy Coney Barrett. Richard Blumenthal.
Shooting at Denver rally by β€œPinkerton” employee acting as a security guard for press.
More proof that more guns /= more gun crime.
White house investigating ATF ruling.

Positively Pozderac – Reviews: (147 min)

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